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Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!


Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Mounika Reddy Nandyala reviewed Eagle Martial Arts
via Facebook

Instructors are soo friendly. Each day training would be very different not repetitive. For the people who gets bored soo easily with repititive stuff will love it.
My kids are having fun!! We are soo lucky that the institution is around us!! Eagle team you rock!!

Ricky Caratozzolo reviewed Eagle Martial Arts
via Facebook

My daughter has been going here for a few months and I can't even begin to tell you how happy we are with our decision. In such a short time she has become so much more confident in herself and focused that we can't believe it's the same kid. The instructors and everyone associated with EMA are the most positive encouraging people I have ever met. We are beyond happy to have our daughter in their care. We cannot possibly recommend EMA enough.

Ashutosh Kushwah reviewed Eagle Martial Arts
via Facebook

I strongly recommend Eagle Martial Arts. My 3 years daughter had shy and non-assertive nature. I can see the difference in her behavior in just 3 months. She has gained confidence, skills such as discipline and eye contact.Staff is professional, friendly and they take due care of kids.

John Lombardi reviewed Eagle Martial Arts
via Facebook

We just moved into town in August and were looking for activities for my 5 year old son. My wife inquired on local mom pages and a common response was Eagle Martial Arts in Boonton. A few days later we went to enroll and they had a great promotion to make sure our son liked it (which they knew he would and they were right) before committing. He loves attending EMA because the classes are fun and challenging and the instructors are amazing. The best part is that it goes beyond him learning martial arts, he is learning discipline, confidence and most importantly how to give back to the community. EMA has raised money for Breast Cancer Research and collected canned foods during the Thanksgiving season for those less fortunate. As a parent, I feel a part of the EMA family and community. Whenever my wife and I walk in the door we are always greeted with a smile and handshake from Master Jan or any of the instructors. I highly recommend EMA!

Mrinal Shah reviewed Eagle Martial Arts
via Facebook

Since I joined EMA in early January 2018, I find that my focus and attention has tremendously improved. I am more appreciative of things around me ever small critters and bugs. I believe in “to live and let live” and not harm even the smallest of living beings.

I love being a part of the EMA family

Jeananne Cosgrove Devaney reviewed Eagle Martial Arts
via Facebook

Our daughter has only been able to attend classes once a week, but we have seen noticeable improvement in her concentration and eye contact! We are confident that once we can get her to classes more often, she will benefit even more in those areas as well as in focus and attention span. Cassidy always leaves EMA with a positive outlook and we know that feeling is a direct result of all the positive reinforcement and energy she receives from the EMA instructors and staff!

Philip Shenton reviewed Eagle Martial Arts
via Facebook

I, James Shenton, am excited every time I run through your doors. I can't wait to find out what I'm going to learn from the instructors. It could be a new punch like an uppercut, or I could be asked to do a tug of war with my new friends. At home, I love my family and my time in karate is teaching me that I have responsibilities to my mommy and daddy. I am glad my parents put me in Karate camp last summer!

Fiona Pereira reviewed Eagle Martial Arts
via Facebook

I enrolled my boys in the after care program since mid march. They also participate in martial arts classes.Its been 2 months now, and I have seen a vast improvement in their physical and mental behavior in school and at home.This place molds and shape kids into becoming young adults to be more independent and confident in themselves.The instructors are amazing individuals that made a difference in everyone lives that walks through that door.This is why I want my kids to grow up with them.

Kimberlee Sainato reviewed Eagle Martial Arts
via Facebook

The instructors here are amazing. Extra special shoutout to Instructor Matt who is so sweet and truly knows how to talk to my overly-sensitive little boy to discipline and encourage him without deterring him. This program has truly helped Connor to come out of his shell and grow his personality in a positive way, within only a few months. I can’t wait to see the improvement in him in the months to come.

Melissa Diener Cook reviewed Eagle Martial Arts
via Facebook

I enrolled my three year old son mid-March for several reasons- to allow him an outlet for energy, to develop confidence, and to have an activity to himself without his brother and sister. Eagle Martial Arts has far exceeded my expectations. My son looks forward to class and is developing his skills. He is learning respect and self-control. The instructors are knowledgeable, encouraging, and have high expectations for the students. My son always loves the positive feedback he receives from the instructors. We are thrilled to be a part of this family, and look forward to our son as he grows even more.

Tapu Namrata Patel reviewed Eagle Martial Arts
via Facebook

My kids (me also) love this place. We started in September and kids r doing great right now they come here with confidence And I would definitely recommend this place to anyone as my both kids only like this activity now on .They can do anything to get to the class.

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Our latest news & thoughts

The Best Summer Camps Teach Martial Arts

It might not seem possible, but summer is almost here. The kids will be out of school – and
you’ll be wondering what you can do to help them fill their days with something other than
endless rounds of video games.
We have the ideal solution in our martial arts summer camp for kids. The children who attend
our camps get to enjoy a wide range of activities – and they’ll have a great time doing it.
Let’s talk about some of the benefits of signing your kids up for our summer camp.
#1: You Won’t Have to Worry Where Your Kids Are
Whether you work all day or you’re in and out of the house, you’re probably accustomed to
spending some of your summer worrying about what your kids are doing. Will they stay at
home or get into trouble?
When your kids are with us, they’ll be supervised. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing
where they are, who they’re with, and what they’re doing.
#2: They’ll Get Plenty of Exercise
Our martial arts summer camp for kids ensures that your kids won’t spend their summers
lounging in front of video games. They’ll get age-appropriate martial arts instruction that
includes intense workouts to help them get (or stay) in shape.
Kids need exercise to be healthy. The achievable goals and regular testing that are the
hallmarks of martial arts instruction will help them build the habit of exercise and keep them
motivated both in and out of class.
#3: They’ll Learn Things to Help Them in School
The five tenets of martial arts teach kids to be courteous, dignified, controlled, confident,
and spirited. These are qualities that will help them at camp, and they’ll take them back to
school when the summer ends.
We think one of the biggest benefits of attending martial arts camp is that kids learn the
kinds of skills they need to be successful in life. They’ll head back to school with new tools
and a strong mindset that will help them be better students.
#4: They’ll Make New Friends
Summer is the season when kids can spend time with their friends. But for some kids, it can
also be a time when friends are traveling and loneliness sets in. That’s not the case with our
martial arts summer camp.
The kids who come here have plenty of time to socialize with one another. Classes are
grouped by age and every child who attends comes in knowing they have something in
common with the other campers. We’ve seen life-long friendships formed at our camp. Your
child’s new best friend could be waiting for them here!
#5: Your Kids Will Have Fun
It might not be easy to get your kids to agree to summer camp, but we find that’s not the
case when parents propose our martial arts camp to their kids. Studying the martial arts is
fun, and it’s a great social activity.
In addition to martial arts, we offer tons of other fun activities for kids. They’ll play games,
laugh, and get to know other kids in a relaxed setting. We think it’s the best way to spend a
summer vacation – and we think your kids will agree!
Instead of worrying where your kids are or what they’re doing the summer, why not enroll
them in our martial arts summer camp? They’ll have a great time, learn something new, and
pick up skills that will endure for a lifetime.
To learn more about our summer camp and check out our trial offer, please click here.